Ethical Cosmetics

Ethical makeup and cosmetics are not always easy to come by. Some places are much further ahead, like the EU, which have banned and made it illegal to test cosmetics on animals – and for good reason. North America does not have this legislation, and as such, some of your favourite American brands might not be cruelty free or ethical.

Each of these brands can be purchased online. For those looking to start their own ethical cosmetic line ups, or for vendors looking to sell others’ products, make sure to keep your ethical mindset and protect your customers’ information by implementing and keeping your site secure.

The following are some of the best ethical cosmetic brands:

  • Credo; this company sources products from the United States all the way to New Zealand, and creates stunning products of a high quality. And they also donate some of their profits to organizations in the community as well.
  • 100% Pure; this company is natural, vegan and cruelty free, so it checks all the boxes. On top of that, their products are full of antioxidants so they can actually help improve the quality of your skin.
  • BH Cosmetics; Cruelty free and affordable, giving no excuses as to why you don’t buy your makeup from a cruelty free producer. The products are high quality, and there are a wide range to choose from, as well as choices from palettes to concealer.
  • RMS Beauty; a great option for cruelty free face makeup. The package is recyclable and the contents are cruelty free- what more could you want from your makeup?
  • Jouve; This company offers a great line of serums, primers and products for making corrections.The products are all cruelty free, and are vegan as well. The reviews are great, and the ethics are even better. The serums each serve more than one purpose, making the products worth every penny.