Benefits of a Gluten Free Lifestyle

Gluten Free diets and lifestyles are not limited to just those whose bodies don’t process gluten, or those who are allergic or intolerant. There are many benefits and reasons that people choose to live gluten free by choice.

Gluten is not essential to our diets, it is simply a special protein that is actually is put in food to keep its elasticity during fermentation. This means it is what makes you bread chewy.

Gluten free diets are therefore, not dangerous, and don’t deprive you of nutrients or necessary calories. On the contrary, gluten free diets are known to improve cholesterol, improve your energy, and your digestion.

In addition, by choosing to live gluten-free, you become aware of the foods that contain gluten, many of which are actually not good for you. This includes the breading on your favourite chicken wings, the bread you use for your grilled cheese, and many of the processed foods you snack on late at night.

You could turn to fruits, veggies and protein when you are in need of a snack. By default, less gluten means lower carbohydrate intake, and less sugar and fatty oils as well.

One mistake to avoid is the mindset that gluten free equates to healthy. Not all foods that are gluten free are healthy, so it is important to bear in mind portion size, nutritional value and quantity. It is also crucial to read labels, especially if you are gluten free because of an intolerance. Many items, especially those that are packaged or processed, say they are gluten free, but may not be entirely gluten free.

Always bear in mind why you are making the decision to go gluten free. Be aware, and do your research so you know what you can and cannot have, and make sure you create a meal plan that is conducive with your lifestyle and regime.